Movie Review: Simran – Kangana Ranaut

Simran Movie
Name of Movie Simran
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★★ ★
Director Hansal Mehta
Star cast Kangana Ranaut
Genre Drama Film
Duration 2 hours 04 Minutes
Date Release 15 Sept 2017

Plot: The movie ‘Simran’ is a story of a Gujarati woman Praful Patel who is divorced and lives with her parents in Georgia who are not so happy with what has happened in their daughter’s life.  Praful is a housekeeper at a hotel but gets drawn to a life of crime after her encounter with gambling at a casino in Las Vegas. Then the sordid mess that she encounters takes the story forward.

Review: If there is anything that is worth appreciating in the movie then it is Kangana Ranaut’s flawless and effortless performance. The actress takes the otherwise weak plot easily on her strong shoulders. Kangana is known for carrying the roles she plays with much ease and this time again, the actress got skin deep into the character she is seen playing and that results in a wonderful watch.

A woman who cares less about the society, lives life on her own terms, has an undaunted spirit, she is goofy, adorable, reckless, aimless and yet utterly charming, refuses to have ‘sex without protection’ and is constantly up for an adventure.

However, no matter how good the actress is she can only do her bit for the movie and can’t correct the things that are out of her scope. The weak editing, direction at times and the plot are the weak links in the movie. The movie has writing falters in parts and naturally, the poor execution follows. The way Praful goes about robbing banks and gets away lightly is something that is just difficult to believe. And that too not one, but about half a dozen of them.

The movie ‘Simran‘ is shot beautifully but the plot, despite being innovative, is way too convenient and that is what doesn’t work for the movie.

Sohum Shah is cute in the movie and together, Kangna and Soham make for a well-paced, punchy first half. By intermission, you’ll find yourself invested in the story but the disappointing second half just leaves a bad taste.

Why To Watch: It is a good one-time watch which makes you wish that the makers somehow could have worked on the script better to turn into a masterpiece.

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