Do you know who handles Priyanka Chopra's twitter account

Priyanka Chopra is now a global face and she is very popular in the whole world now. For that her first Hollywood show Quatico has a big hand in her this success and now its second season is also coming for that these days Priyanka Chopra is in America for shooting. During this she recently achieved a big achievement. As of now she has become the first Bollywood celebrities who visited Twiiter headquarter in New York. Here in the meeting she discussed about second season of Quantico and her upcoming Hollywood debut movie Baywatch. She also talked about her personal revelations including who handles her Twitter account on social media. Usually a PR team handles the Twitter account but when Priyanka was asked who handles her Twitter account during the live chat in Twitter headquarters. She replied, people thinks that her team manages her Twitter account but from the start she is handling her Twitter account. According to Priyanka she tweets like a random person. She said, I tweet what I want and whenever she got chance she uses her other social media accounts. Let me tell you that Priyanka is one of the to 10 celebrities who has a fan following more than 14 millions on Twitter. Priyanka Chopra's last movie was Jai Gangaajal which was a average hit at the box office after that she has not seen in any film even has not announced any film. She is being busy in her Hollywood projects. You may also like :- Priyanka Chopra met Parineeti in New York Priyanka Chopra's character in Baywatch