Movie Review: Phullu – Sharib Hashmi

Name of Movie Phullu
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Abhishek Saxena
Star cast Sharib Hashmi, Jyotii Sethi, Nutan Surya
Genre Drama
Duration 1 hour 36 minutes
Date Released 16 June 2017
PLOT: - Phullu takes the responsibility to make sure that the women of his village are educated and empowered. He gives them the solution of better sanitation. He faces lots of problems while doing so, the women in his own home doesn't support him but at the end, he succeeds. REVIEW: - The movie has a socially relevant story but it fails to take off. It is very slow, boring, it goes over the board showcasing everything. The writing and presentation of the story are not so good but Sharib Ali Hashmi, who plays the role of Phullu single-handedly lifts the movie. The movie would have been great if more importance was given to writing, but it’s not. Screenplay and direction are very average and ordinary, which is a major reason of why this film didn’t work. The best thing about the movie is the acting, everyone from Jyotii Sethi, who plays the role of Phullu’s wife to the small role of Inaamulhaq did a great job. But Sharib Ali Hashmi steals the cake here, he did an awesome job. The scene of Inaamulhaq and Sharib Ali Hashmi is the best part of the film. There are some scenes in the movie which could have created an awesome impact but failed and the reason for that is the average direction, which is mentioned above. The love story is very different than other Bollywood films which we watch, it feels real and relatable. ‘Phullu’ is one of the films which will be remembered for it’s over the top acting and ordinary direction. It’s not that the movie is bad or week, it has a great social message and every villager should watch it. Special mention to Jyotii Sethi here, considering the fact that it is her debut movie, she has done an awesome job. Background score is impressive but sometimes feels too much. WHY TO WATCH : - This movie is not for entertainment and not everyone will like it. And it is not a perfect film which gives a social message. Watch it for top notch performance of Sharib Ali Hashmi and Jyotii Sethi. And it should be watched by every rural community people. You may also like:- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming Movies List Box office collection