Movie Review : Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

Story – This is about the trip of a lady, who goes from being a normal, white collar class young lady to a princess lastly an acclaimed author. Spread over a very long while and three urban communities. It takes a gander at how she confronts obstructions throughout her life and the lessons she draws from the hardships she perseveres. Review – It's the tale of Alia Patrick (Manjari Fadnnis) and her trip which begins in Udaipur. Conceived in a customary Catholic family, she confronts sexism at an opportune time from her folks. In school, she goes gaga for Alex and supposes it will be until the end of time. In any case, they wed her off to a Rajasthani Prince Vikram Pratap Singh (Ashutosh Rana) for cash. A brutal, mental case, he is a course book masochist with a background marked by abusing ladies in his family. To some degree troubled, Alia still gives away every one of her flexibilities and is substance to sitting at home. Be that as it may, when she is compelled to prematurely end her unborn little girl, she leaves the haveli with the assistance of close associate Lakshmi (Supriya Pathak) and escapes to Mumbai. Here, she brings forth her child young lady and makes a fresh start as she begins an excursion as an essayist that will, in the long run, take her to New York. She gets another shot at affection as NRI gives Aditya Kapoor. Be that as it may, will she take it, or has the hardships confront in life made her biting to acknowledge love? An obvious instance of riding the rush of ladies driven movies, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai has an excessively shortsighted way to deal with managing significant issues that worry ladies. Simultaneously, it lessens the wide theme to wind up simply serving itself and winds up turning out to be just a terribly made, equation film. On-screen characters like Ashutosh Rana and Supriya Pathak appear to be totally underused. Concerning Manjari Fadnnis, it's dismal to see so abundantly squandered. Prem Chopra, as the idealist Urdu editorial manager who helps Alia, adds nothing to the film and is decreased to being utilized for entertainment. While the Indian parts of the film, including the haveli sets, are appealing, the film works in the level out peculiar region when Alia is seen sparing lives as a war journalist in the Middle East. Uneven naming and sluggish altering seal the motion picture's destiny. Just about more than two hours after the fact when you're vanquished by a film that doesn't appear to end, there's a tune so shabby, you feel you've had it. Yet, does it end there? No, still more makes you doubt the nature of the most recent three hours you simply lost! Direction – Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai is a 170 moment long film. Yes, that is my opening line for this segment since the chief simply didn't plan to contract an editorial manager for the film. Not that keeping the run time low is the main occupation a manager has. Be that as it may, obviously there's no hacking of any sort that occurred here. Aside from that, Keshav Panneriy gives us poor camera work as well. There are low determinations, foggy shots which hamper the survey encounter frequently. CGI is to a great degree gravely done, particularly one specific melody which comes in the second half. Music –  The music of the film is extremely exhausting and you nearly have a craving for leaving the theater. Why To Watch – The ‘it’s so bad that it’s good’ nature of the script. Acting, and CGI, Music  and Dialogues, Run-time. Did I miss anything? Maybe the entire end results including a poor title! You shouldn’t go for the film in the first place. If you do, then buy extra coals just to keep on your toes for loo visits! Not unless you’re at gunpoint!