"Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho " Movie Review 2015

Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho is the first film of Journalist Vinod Kapdi. Based on Rajasthan true events of the film has been now the story of Haryana. Vinod Kapdi ranging from the artists to location put indigenous touch. The film of Indian society operates in a particular area highlights the corrupt system. Vinod's approach is Comical. He placed his characters in comfortable conditions. Tanakpur village head Sualal read 10+2. 'Do not Take Me otherwise' is the catchphrase of him. His arbitrary is moving the village. Along with his Bhima and Shastri he has hook the colleage in many activities held in the village. Adult age she married Maya, whom he can not satisfy the emotional and physical. The boy Arjun heart comes on her. Because of Empathy and love both coincide increases. Sualal wind starts about this. One day after catching him, while trying to protect his image with vicious manner he puts the charged of buffalo rape on Arjun. After this village corrupt intrigue begins. Drowning in the corruption only truth sets. Vinod Kapdi's honest first attempt should be appreciated. He presented North India'reality to the bitter type. Even Low laugh laugh so much more should be see in the film. The lack is only of consistency. Combining of Scripts and sequences an internal problem. Because of the effect of the story is weak. small affair are freely and have fun, but they do not strengthen the effectiveness of story. The film weaknesses of the technical is overlapped on the weaknesses of the story. The raw film is left on a true incident. film could be better by good technical skills and collaboration. Vinod Kapdi's directorial thinking is also crudeness. The crudeness is evident of the living characters, in their language, and their interrelationship. Ravi Kishan language slides repeatedly, Hindi is steep rather Haryanvi. If ignoring Language barriers, he played the character of Bhima Singh effortlessly. Anu Kapoor and Om Puri couple scene were good dipped. There was nothing new for them. Sanjay Mishra well laugh at some scenes, but they are often go out of view. They are tied in Marinism. Rahul Bagga has maintained the simplicity of the character of Arjun. The author has not given much attention them. Hrishita Bhatt have met only a handful of scenes. Better use of the villagers in the crowd scenes, but had to instruct them that they may not be camera concious. Due to One-two the effect of certain scenes has been reduced. The buffalo Miss Tanakpur will not be easy to handle. Vinod Kapdi's "Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho " about to be dipped of good Stayr film-. Yes, first tried honestly feel that rawness and crudeness will be less with experience and a influential film may come in the future. Vinod Kapdi has thinking & vision. Simply, they need to practice landing accurately on screen. The quality of the films also comes from production value.