'Manjhi The Mountain Man' Movie Get Benefit after Leak on Internet

Famous film, to be released on August 21 'Manjhi: The Mountain Man' has been leaked on the Internet, but it does not matter the film's director. Instead of coming in tension ketana Mehta leaks are very happy with the film. He says the film business will more good. Even people on the Internet have seen the film, but people would not live without watching film in theaters, starring role and frequent visitors will be forced to watch the film. Film director Ketan Mehta said in Lucknow on Wednesday. For film to promote he visited the city of Nawabs with actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Nawazuddin associated with philanthropy riddhi kishore gaur and bhavan spirit honored by the award 'Manjhi'. Market came pirated version of the film Ketan Mehta said that the film 'Manjhi: The Mountain Man' has been leaked on the Internet. The pirated version is already in the market. Despite this, people would like to see it go to cinema halls. Despite the leak will remain in those movie craze and the returns to the film itself. There. Nawazuddin Siddiqui people living rough in the course should make your road model. Those who have not yet their role models, after they see this movie will make 'Dasharatha Manjhi' their role models. Roll were understanding Bihar Nawazuddin Siddiqui to learn and understand their role, said she went to the village Ghlor district of Bihar. There he learned about Dasharatha boater. He described how he and wife after the death of the people alone made direct way to reach the mountain undercut city. While all the information they were too emotional and character of the Mountain Man decided to home-to-door. They want today's young generation Rafter Dashrath conflict and take inspiration from the passion and sustain their role models.