Mahesh Bhatt gets extortion calls with death threats for his daughter Alia Bhatt One person arrested

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt on Wednesday received death and extortion threats from some unknown person. According to the reports Mahesh Bhatt received a phone call on Wednesday demanding 50 lakh. He threatened to kill his daughter Alia Bhatt and his wife if the demanded amount didn’t reach him on time. Regarding the threat Mahesh Bhatt filed a police case in Mumbai`s Juhu police station. The phone call was first made on 26th February and asked Mr. Bhatt to deposit the amount in a Lucknow based bank branch. According to the reports he received the phone call regarding the issue first on 26th February but he didn’t took it seriously, but when he received a whatsaap message from the person who claimed himself to be the gang leader he decided than to approach the police regarding the threats. The message read the following words “if you fail to give us the asked money I will pump as many rounds of bullet inside your daughter Alia and wife Soni”. The man further continued to send some more messages which Mr. Bhatt initially decided to ignore and further proceed to the police department regarding the case. The statement of Mr Bhatt has been recorded by the police. The police offer stated that “a case is registered under section 387 which deals with such issues. This is not the first time that Mahesh Bhatt’s family has been targeted. Earlier, in November 2014, he had received threats to his and his family’s life. Police had arrested culprits in that case. The police are investigating the matter and more information is awaited. In the meanwhile, security for Mahesh, Alia and Soni has been beefed up.