Madaari : Movie Review : Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill and Master Vishesh Bansal

Name of the Film Madaari
Critics Rating 3.5 stars
Director  Nishikant Kamat
Star cast Irrfan khan, Jimmy Shergill and Master Vishesh Bansal
Genre Social Drama
Duration  2 Hours 13 minutes
Date Released 22 July 2016
Plot : Nishikant Kamat is a good director as well as great writer and actor. He has directed film's like Mumbai Meri Jaan, Force. Come lets know, how is his new film. Story : This story is of a common man subborness, who makes the whole government wing shake because of a painfull incident in his life. This common man is Nilmal Kumar (Irrfan khan), who kipnaps Chief Minister's son and keeps some condition to fight with him. Then Different characters come in the story, then finally films come to end, to know this you have to go to the theatres. Acting : Irrfan Khan's character will make you remember the character of the movie 'A Wednesday' lead actor Naseeruddin Shah. All Irrfan khans scenes in the film were seen important. Irrfan has played Nimral Kumar Character with his life experience and his dialogues delivery and eyes has made the scenes and movie amazing. Jimmy Shergill as Police officer N Verma has done appreciated work. We must all applaud Master Vishesh Bansal, who walked along with Irrfan khan, showed his amazing acting and made his appearence in the film. Direction : Direction of the film is amazing, Locations are amazing. Story of the film is too tremendous, which tries to tell the rights of common man. Film's speed could have been much better, film sometimes get slow but Irrfan's presence will make you sit. Music : Vishal Bharadwaj and Sunny Inder music is according to the film's demand. But songs in thriller film makes the film weak, but the song 'Dum, Duma Dum' is presented in such style, which doesn't weird. Why To Watch : If you are Irrfan Khan's film, and love films on issues, then do watch it. You May Also Know : Madaari Trailer  Irrfan Khan Upcoming movies