'Latth Maar' Song From 'Toilet: Ek Prem Katha' Showcases The Pain Of Separation

The makers of ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ have been promoting the movie by releasing beautiful melodies from it. After ‘Has Mat Pagli’, ‘Has Mat Pagle’ and ‘Bakheda’ songs the makers have now released the festival song of the movie.

In the song, we get the glimpse of famous ‘Latth Maar Holi’ which is very famous in the northern part of India. It is a famous Holi tradition where the boys/husbands are hit by girls/wives with a bamboo stick commonly called latth when they try to put colour on them.

The song 'Latth Maar', which was expected to be the happy and fun song is actually a song where Akshay Kumar is seen feeling sorry for all that Bhumi had to face after their marriage and is seen apologising and asking her to hit him to take out her anger on him. Though the song is extremely colourful but lacks in capturing the essence of the fun and frolic festival of colours. And the reason is that the song shows the painful separation of the protagonists.


The movie ‘Toilet Ek Prem Kath’ is a movie based on an issue our rural India is largely facing, the issue of open defecation.

The story is inspired by the life of Priyanka Bharti, a 19-year-old, who ran away from her in-law's house two days after her marriage, because she had to defecate in the open. This act of hers gave rise to a revolution not just in her small village in UP, but in many parts of the nation. Later she returned to her in-law's house once the toilet was built in the house.

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