KRK did absurd comment on Kangana and Hrithik's Relationship

Now one more matter of relation between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has reached the court. On the other hand, once again actor KRK has posted a vulgar tweet on them. KRK tweets that, 'Ye Dekhi Kangana n Hrithik Ko, Pahle Dono ne Ek doosare ki Chupkar Li ab Khuleaam Public mai le Rahe Hai.' krk-1 Let me tell you, both the actors have sent legal notice to eachother. Hrithik says that, Kangana should Apologise in a press conference. Hrithik is denying the news of love. 28 years old Kangana said that she is not retarded teenager and she denied to say sorry. Instead, she sent a notice to Hrithik for withdraw his notice or threatened him face criminal charges. Hrithik lawyer sends her a notice on 26 February, 'from few days you are trying to forging an image by saying on social media and print that my client (Hrithik) and you were in relationship. Hrithik 4 page notice says that, 'My client says that you don't need to talk about him that there were no relationship between you and him. You are spreading a wrong thing and want to achieve ulterior motives and malicious propaganda.' In the response, Kangana sends 21 pages notice, 'I am not a retarded teenager that I will do all this in love and what all happened between us was both sided.