Know what, Mangesh Desai said over all focus on Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan is in news for her upcoming Marathi film "Ekk Albela'. Famous Marathi Actor Mangesh Desai is opposite her in the film. It is her first Marathi film, so she is more in the news. On this Mangesh says that he has no problem, if his co-star is getting more focus than him. A Hindi film 'Albela' in 1951 was a great hit and with this Bhagwan Dada was born, now 14 years, after his death, a film is made on his life. Magesh Desai has played Bhagwan Dada's role in the film. This is first Marathi film of Vidya and she has played Geeta Bali. Magesh said, 'I am not worried with the focus on Vidya, if there would be any Marathi actress then film would be of that level only. Film needed actress like Vidya.' He said, 'Vidya is specially of the film. I am happy that Vidya's name is been taken first for this film.' Mangesh was worried working with Vidya, because she is a star, but he did not face any problem while shooting and he liked it also. Film is releasing on 24th June.