Katrina Did Something That Went Off Arjun Inside The House!

Arjun Kapoor are soon going to start shooting the movie of R. Balki's film with their favorite actress Kareena Kapoor. The film's shooting will start next month. - Many times myself a big fan of Kareena, Arjun has told for the first time getting a chance to work with the actress. He said, "I am extremely excited to work with Kareena. They're a great actress. The media always say that, she is my senior,but nothing like that. I have known him a long time and she is a fantastic co-star. 'Yet the film is not named but is a romantic comedy film in which Arjun and Kareena will role married couple. Recalling the early days of carrer Arjun told a strange story happened with him. He said, 'When I was preparing for my acting career, so I went to Katrina Kaif and said to do something of my (eyebrow). " Further, he explained that he is great fun."Katrina gave his eyebrows like girls shape. Although it was not their fault but after that I could not get out for a few days