Karishma Kapoor's husband rushed to Family Court fot the kids custody

Film actress Karishma Kapoor's husband Sanjay kapoor filed a petition in Family Court and asked for the custody of both the children. Both kids stay with mother Karishma. Both of them got married in 2003. Karishma Kapoor's lawyer Jaalja Nambiar has said no for given any statement on this issue. But Sanjay's lawyer said that he filed the petition 15 days before. He said Daughter Samaira and Son Kiaan costody should be given to Raj and the petition is also filed for this. When asked if Sanjay has put any charges, on this his lawyer said not answer this question. He also told, Sanjay before this also have filed the petition and took it back. He said, both of them has mutual consent of getting divorced and had filed a case, in which there are terms and conditions added with whom childern will live. But divorce petition settled last month Both karishma and Sanjay withdraw the mutual consent on the petition, which was settled. Karishma lawyer Kranti Sathe said that we have still not got any documents from Family Court.