Karan Johar's shuddhi is put on hold for some reasons

Karan Johar's Shuddhi has become trouble for him and his production. From the time the film got announced it is going delay by delay and the current situation is that Karan himself doesn't want to talk about the project. But When some asked him about the film he said yes the project is on and maybe from the October month it will come in floor. But now Varun Dhawan has confused with his statement about the film. When asking Varun about his project Shuddhi Varun said currently the film is put on hold and I think Karan Johar has said clearly about the film.  Earlier there were the news that Karan Johar has signed SS Rajamouli as director for the film and he will direct Karan Johar's ambitious project. Baahubali is best period drama till now in India and this is the reason when Karan Johar signed Rajamouli as director for the film. Rajamouli also get agree because Karan Johar has big hand in the huge success of Baahubali. But now Varun Dhawan has broke many hearts with this announcement. This is to notice that Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt will play lead roles in the film.