Kajol statement on Intolerance

Debate on Intolerance is going on continuous, after KaranJohar, Actress Kajol has also talked about intolerance. She believes that there is no harm in talking However, she also said in some topics, we have become sensitive. So we have to think before speaking a word, that we should say and what not. Kajol said that there is insensitivity in the country and people are very serious on certain issues. Kajol said that there is no border, race, Breed or Intolerance in Bollywood. Prakash Jha also said there is no intolerance in the country. Kajol said, 'Words are measured, We need to see that what we are talking on what topic. We should speak good. Let me tell you karan Johar siad that India is difficult country, There is always a legal sword handing on our neck with are expressing thoughts. Before this from Film Industry, Shahrukh khan, Aamir Khan and Anupam Kher also jumped on the issue of Intolerance. So Kajol also gave.