'Jai Gangaajal’ Review : Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jha, Manav Kaul, Murli Sharma

Name of the Film Jai Gangaajal
Critics Rating 3.5 Stars
Director Prakash Jha
Star cast Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jha, Manav Kaul, Murli Sharma
Genre Action Drama film
Duration 2 Hours 38 minutes
Date Released 4 March,2016
FIlmmakers are making movies in such challenges that they need to think twice before keeping characters name and city names in even fiction stories also. You have to pay attention that Negative character and city name should not match with real name. There was controversies on Jai Gangaajal's Bakipur that there is Vidhan Sabha area with this name in Bihar. Film's MLA is of Bakipur, so that's why intention will go in people minds that current MLA is also corrupted. However, Prakash Jha directed film is story of a area, where IPS Officer Aama Mathur gets appointed there. Story : Aama Mathur know that nothing is right in her area. She announces as soon as she come, 'Main Yaha Table Kursi par beth kar Salami Thukwane nhi aai hu.' Further she says, 'Aaaj Samaaj mai unki ijjat hoti hai, jo kanoon todta hai, lekin mai unki ijjat kkarti hu jo kanoon todne wale ko todta hai'. She tell everying clearly. She tell her Circle babu that Kichad Dhone ke liye Saaf Pani Ki jarurat hoti hai, Gande pani ki nhi. Aama Mathur has to work with Clever circle babu Bholanath, who know how to complete his work and makes everything correct. He says that, 'Hum tho Naukri mai aate hi Samaz gaye ther ki Masti se Jeena hai thi Kabhi apni image banne na do. Bada Mushkil hota hai Jeena. In this there are Dabang politicians like Bablu and Dablu Pandey, who says that, everything that happens in Bakipur, happens after their signal. Bablu Pandey thinks that he will be MLA throughout his life in that area. Aama Mathur breaks his arrogance and delusion. This story is more of Bholanath than Aama Mathur, because with that character, changes come, he becomes the centre part of the story. Direction : Jai Gangaajal is Prakash Jha's social political film, which is a sequel of his film Gangajal. Gangajal was a story of a police officer was busy in giving justice in crowd. Aama Mathur opposes justice in crowd, she believes in giving punishment in limits of law. She has to fight alone at a time, still she fights, she converts the heart of corrupted Bholanath with her honesty and gets support of the society. Acting : Priyanka Chopra has played role of Aama Mathur, she looks forward and quick in this role. She has got tremendous dialogues, which she has spoken amazingly. She has done great action in the film. Prakash Jha has done debut in acting with this film. He has tried hard to play his character well. But in some shoots you will get to know that he is nervous. Manav Kaul also played his part good. Nidh Kamath adn Murli Sharma has played both the character well. Prakash Jha 'Jai Gangaajal' is a social political film. This film is movie of action than focusing on the issues. Why To Watch : If you are a fan of Priyanka Chopra and desire to see her in strict role, then go and see the film.