‘Jagga Jasoos’ Second Trailer Gives Us A Clue Of Movies Storyline

Finally, the second trailer of the movie ‘Jagga Jasoos’ is released today and it gives a little idea of the storyline of the movie. When the first trailer came everyone was confused as the trailer didn’t open much about the plot and story. It was just about the thrilling experience of the characters in the movie. The second trailer is all about the story and it seems interesting. The trailer starts with Ranbir trying to talk but he can’t because he stammers, so he sings. He communicates to everyone by singing, it looks cute. Ranbir is one of the finest actors in Bollywood and can do the things which no other actor can do, and he proves it here again. We can understand how much hard work he must have put in for the role. After that, the trailer continues with an awesome background score and a female voice describing his personality. Obviously, the visuals are stunning and it’s a treat to watch, everything goes right in the trailer then all of a sudden it gets serious when it shows the story of Ranbir Kapoor and his father, and the child’s voice describing that moment will give you chills and Ranbir crying is always hard to watch. He is a so compelling actor that you feel for him even though you know it’s not for real. Then the trailer comes back to the fun part, we see Saurabh Shukla, who is an amazing actor describing his father’s death to Ranbir and he tells him that it is not true, and he is still alive. https://youtu.be/NkNJ8z-ZA8M Already we have seen three songs of the movie and all of the songs are awesome, and the tracks we listen here in the trailer, also sounds interesting. As Ranbir says, Anurag Basu is a brilliant director, and he proves it here. A filmmaker needs guts to make a ‘Jagga Jasoos’ and Anurag Basu certainly has that guts. The movie will release on 14th July.
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