I am shy in real life : Sunny Leone

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone does many hot and bold scenes in her films, but her real personality is totally different, she herself says so. Yes, Sunny Leone is very shy in her real life. Sunny says that, 'Whenever I am in event, award shows or in any program, then I really feel shy. I am sure, this will be difficult for people to trust this. According to Sunny, She is not like the way she come on tv. She doesn't love going out in real life. According to Sunny, 'People think that she is arrogant, but it is not true. I am shy and I will be like this whole life. When Sunny came in Bollywood, then she did not got much importance, but now things are changed. A-list celebrities are also giving opinion about her. On this Sunny say, 'I don't know about this, but I think they have accepted me, because I am not going anywhere. What I see that I tweet and A-list celebs give their views. Sunny Leone is in news for her upcoming movie Mastizaade, which is releasing on 29 January, Tushar Kapoor and Veer Das are playing lead role in the film.