I am ready for arrange marriage: Salman Khan

Bollywood Dabangg star Salman Khan's once set to make a splash at the box office 'Bajrangi Baijan'. Salman dominated at the box office, but millions of fans of Salman Khan await of Salman Khan's marriage. Salman gave some relief to these fans have said that they have no problems with arrange marriage. In an interview Slamn Khan said in response to a question on marriage, 'yet no one have sent any proposal of marriage to me. If someone sends me a marriage proposal, then I would consider this course. ' Salman said, 'I am ready for arrange marriage. Sometimes Love marriage are not successful. But arrange marriage does. And sometimes the opposite happens. It depends personally on everyone,how he wants to live his life. '' In an interview to DNA 'frank' Salman maintained his opinion on many issues except his marriage. 2016 his film 'Sultan and Shah Rukh Khan's film 'Raees' on collision Salman said, Both films will be released on Eid and I do not know what will happen. The audience is probably more fun to come. People will try to see both film.