Hrithik Roshan got angry on saying Kangana as 'Characterless and Publicity Hunger'

Fight between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan is on the peak. Recently, Cyber cell noted Kangana's statement. Hrithik and Kangana are showing each other down. So on the twitter, about Kangana 'Characterless and Publicity Hunger' is trending. But Hrithik is quite angry with this trending. There have been many affairs of Kangana. Kangana never tried to hide this. On person wrote on the twitter, 'I like Kangana's acting, but not her cheap moves 'Characterless Kangana'. One more person tweets, 'Kangana always creates controversies for publicity, this is a cheap way, 'Characterless Kangana'. When Hrithik got to know about this then he left very bad, he said, 'It is characterless to judge another. Whatever may be the case. Strangle d anger. channelize love.' Kangana and Hrithik fight started when Kangana in an interview denoted Hrithik as his Silly Ex. Then after that Hrithik asked Kangana to apologise but Kangana did not dot that. Recently, Photo war has also started between them, in which old photos from both the side is been shared on social media. However, it seem like Hrithik is become Lenient for Kangana Ranaut.