Hit and Run Case 2002 : Salman Khan Acquittal challenged in Supreme Court

Supreme Court has agreed to hear, in 2002 Hit and Run Case against Bollywood star Salman Khan's acquittal. The family of victim has challenged the decision and hearing will be done on 12 February. Family of the victim was hurt with the decision. Family of victim (Noorullah Sheikh) has challenged the decision of Salman Khan's acquittal in Supreme Court and has filed for hearing. Maharashtra Government said that Salman Khan was not only drunk, but was also driving the car. Maharashtra Govt has also appealed in Supreme court to dismiss the decision of Bombay high Court. Supreme Court accepted the appeal of Maharashtra Government. Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi on behalf of Maharashtra Government said, Salman was only driving the car. Driver was then presented in front of the court after 13 years of the case. Right now, notice has been not issued against Salman Khan. Court first wants to get clear that who was driving the car. First session court, punished Salman Khan and ordered him to send 5 years in Jail. After that Bombay Hign court gave him bail. Then after the Hearing Bombay High Court freed him. Then State government appealed Supreme court. On September 28, 2002, Shaikh Noorulla Shafik was killed when the actor’s Land Cruiser crashed into a pavement outside a bakery in Mumbai’s Bandra area where several people, including Shafik, were sleeping.