Happy Birthday Bipasha Basu ! Love Affairs

Today is Bipasha Basu's Birthday. Acting along with her hotness on Big screens, Bipasha Basu on Thursday turns 37. Her Birthday will be special for her fans too because maybe she reveals something new about her relationship. Yes, Bipasha Basu is in news because of closeness with her co-star of 'Alone' Karan Singh Grover. If to believe the news, then maybe Bipasha can officially announce her relationship with Karan Singh Grover. Bipasha many time was in news for her affairs. Many Bollywood name are listed in this list, with whom she was in relationship. Her love with John Abraham was very famous. So lets present you some of her affair : Deno Morea - First name that was joined with Bipasha was Deno Morea. They both did films like Raaz, Rakt and Ishq Hai Tumse. They chemistry was good off screens even, but after sometime they both went their own way. However they are friends now also. John Abraham - Love Affair of John and Bipasha was for long time. Everyone expected that they both will get married. But after 9 year they both got separated. Now the scene is this that they both don't talk to eachother. John even got Married. Harman Bhaweja - After that it was turn of Harman Bhaweja, they both did a film together. Talk was went till engagement, but after that everything got changed. They both brokeup and moved forward in their ways. Rana Daggubati - There was a news that Bipasha Basu and Rana Daggubati were also very close after doing Dam Maaro Dam, however nobody knows that truth, Rana was recently seen in Blockbuster film Bahubali. Karan Singh Grover - Now Bipasha is close to Karan Singh Grover. Both worked in horror film 'Alone'. Since then there were news of their affair. Bipasha has even posed some hot photos on Social Media. Now lets see how long this relationship will go.