Habits of Stars : Sushmita bath on terrace, Jitendra eats Papaya in Toilet

We all gave good and Bad habits. These habits are funny for others and some say it weird. With this news, we want to tell some weird and funny habit of Bollywood stars : Sushmita Sen loves taking bath in open terrace, she a bathroom on her terrace, she takes bath under sky, Sush also loves snake, she had snake Python with her. Papaya is good for Stomach, but Jitendra has gone a level far and is doing something since years, this is been told that whenever he goes to the toilet, then he eats Papaya and other fruits in the bathroom. 2 Shahrukh Khan is obsessed about footwears. In an interview, he told that he opens his shoes once in a day, sometime he sleep wearing shoes. He is also fond of gadgets and video games. In this house, there is a gaming section in a floor, where he invites his friend and play games. 3 Amitabh Bachchan wears two watches, actually, when Abhishek went foreign for the studies, then to know the time of both countries, he used to ear two watches, not this has become his style statement. Big B keeps more than 2 phones with him. 4 On the set of Jism 2, team was very upset with Sunny leone, actually, Sunny has habit was cleaning her feel every 15 seconds, so she used to go to clean her feet, she did not know that because of this shooting was getting delayed. 5 Vidya Balan has around 800 Sarees. Even after Living in Modern society, she loves wearing Saree. She also hates mobile, she forgets to check her phone for many days, that's why she misses many functions. 6 Siaf Ali Khan loves spending time in Washroom, He also has library in washroom and even a telephone extention.