Gandhi Ka Champaran: If get time then do watch this documentary!

The start of the independence fight of Gandhi ji had started in Bihar's Champaran district. From there only,  for the first time he has raised his voice for the harassment done by the British Government. After that his voice was raised for the independence of the country. This we all know. Some things are n books and some are known by the words said by the people from history. But the things that are not present in book and are not even told by the people in the past is now can be heard. This is done through the documentary made by Bishwajeet Mookherjee titled as "Ghandhi Ka Champaran". This documentary with a duration of 57 minutes tell the real truth of Champaran, which we can see. In the first part of the documentary, the work of Gandhi has been shown. In the midst of this, Rajkumar Shukla has revealed the truth of Gandhi ji's act in Champaran which are quite shocking. According to the the documentary, the British Government had made plan to kill Gandhi ji, but a person in Champaran has diffused this plan of theirs. With all these things the documentary movies forward and reaches a stage where you got to know a thing that you will never believe. The place where Gandhi ji made is work place, the place that became the podium of his hardship and the place where the still a school runs and children studies. When asked by these children about Gandhi ji, a whole new story comes out. When the director in a scene asks the children that who is Modi, so they gave the answer that "Government" and when they were asked that who was Gandhi Ji, then they do not knew that who was he. Gandhi ji, the house where he used to play the wheel, it was full of dust. The people used that place to put their clothes to dry. By watching this documentary, you will feel yourself linked to Champaran. The same happened during the screening of the documentary in IIMC auditorium on Thursday. The people who watched it in the auditorium really appreciated the efforts and hard work. Although there are certain loop holes in the direction of the movie, but still it tell a lot truth about Gandhi ji. The film will soon be released on You Tube. If you get a chance, do watch the documentary.