Fuddu : Movie Review : Shubham, Sharman Joshi, Sunny Leone, Swati kapoor and Gauhar Khan

I don't know why Makers of this film has selected such a title, which can lead one class people away from the movie. Well, this word is used in the personal life of everyone. It is not like that the director of this film has chosen a subject, on that no other Bollywood film is not made. Rajshree Banner who is known for making family class and clean films, he made the similar film in the era of 70's with Jaya Bhaduri 'Piya Ka Ghar'. Director of this film Sunil had more pressure to make this film hit at the box office with a messed up story, more than making this film 'Fuddu' in a correct style. Story : Mohan Mishra (Shubham), whatever he thought about Mumbai before leaving Banaras, after coming to Mumbai, he did not find such Mumbai. Nobody in this city has time to see other, Shubham is staying in a room with his family. If to say is clear words, then the whole family lives in the same room. The situation gets worst when Shubham gets married to Shalini (Swati Kapoor). Shubham's wife is not okay with sharing rooms with the family. After Marriage, Shalini is not happy with her relations with Shubham, she thinks that he spends more time with others and issues are created between them and one day she leaves the house, then when her wife leaves the house, then Shubham family guesses that is there any problem with Shubham, who stays away from his beautiful wife. Then Shubham faces a situation when he had to prove that he is a man. Acting : Although, Shubham has no identity on big screens, but he has worked hard to live this character. Swati also played her part amazingly. Swati Kapoor who already made her identity on small screens, now with this film also she has proved that if she gets a chance then she will prove herself on big screens too. Many famous stars are seen doing a cameo in the film. Direction : Sunil has tried to show with simple story with Glamour and Masala if he would not have thought about Box office and would have done justice to the script, then he could have attracted the audience towards this film, but he gave all the importance to Box office, because of which all the stars got disappeared. Music : Music of the film fits the situation. The film has total 10 songs with one Rap. Gauhar Khan and Sunny Leone has an item number in this film. Why to Watch : This film will make you entertain definitely, but don't go in search of any new thing in the movie. You may also know : Fuddu Movie Bollywood Movies 2017