Finally Shobha De calls Sonam Kapoor as 'Hot'

Sonam Kapoor is always complimented for her fashion. More than acting and films, she stays is news for her fashion. Now someone has said hot to Sonam Kapoor, who earlier used to say her cold. Sonam kapoor is known as Fashionist in Bollywood. Her her style, look and Dresss, fashion police always keeps his eyes on her. Sonam kapoor whenever goes in any event then she achieves much appreciation, but there was a time when writer Shobha De felt that Sonam kapoor is very cold. However, now her perception has been changed and now according to her Sonam kapoor is superhot. Shobhas De took an inspiration from a shopping portal campaign 'Things Don't Judge' and finished all Feud with Sonam kapoor and said Sonam as Superhot. The cold war between Sonam and Shobha started when Shobha in a bold criticised her film 'I Hate Love Story'. Shobha said that 'I Hate Dub Stories'. Whereas Sonam said, 'A Lassie Who Lacks Oomph',which means a girl who has no attraction. On this, Sonam Kapoor wrote on social media. 'Friends don't take Shobha De seriously. SHe is such a fossil, who is of no use and is suffering from Menopause.' But now Shobha has started liking Sonam. Sonam these days is shooting for Rhea Kapoor's 'Veere Di Wedding'. Kareena Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar will also be seen in the film. This film is directed by Shashank Ghosh. You may also know : Veer Di wedding Upcoming movies List