Filmmaker help for rape of Pakistani Actor-Singer

Police has arrested a filmmaker Shyam Charn Yadav in case of Rape and fraud with Pakistani Actor and singer from Jogeswari. Let me tell you, complainer used to come to India usually. This singer and actor is mother of 6 kids. She alleges that Shayam Charan took Rs 36 Lakhs saying that he will make a documentary, which he has not made yet and even not returned not money. She told, 'She met Yadav in 2013 and she told him that she is an actress, they exchanged their number and started talking to each other on social media. Mira Road Police Station office Bavche told that next when she met Yadav, then he asked for financial help for a short film and she gave him Rs 36 Lakhs without interest. After one year there is no clue that when will this film come, then she started asking for money from yadav. Bhojpuri Producer and director called that Pakistani singer in a lounge on Mira Road and with his two friends he raped her. Then yadav warned her to keep her mouth close and if you don't to that then he has a CD of the sexual incident, which he will post on Internet. When the complainer got pissed with Yadav then she contacted Mira Road police station and they filmmaker got arrested from him house in Jogeshwari. Identifaction of those two friends (Bablu Rai and Tura Wapi) has been also done. Yadav was presented in Thane Court on Friday and was again sent back to police custody.