Film 'Anna' has been done Tax-Free in Maharashtra

Film made on life of Social activist Anna Hazare 'Anna' has been done tax-free in Maharashtra. Seeing his contribution towards his country, Anna has taken this decision. In the film, Real incident of Farmer Baburao Hazare is shown in the film. From what all things he was inspired, who all affected him, all this film you will be seeing in the film. When Baburao hazare was a small kid, then he had different thinking and he had lots of question about the life. Baburao got to know about his aim in his life by all the incidents happened to him. In starting, Baburao was a driver in Indian Army, then later he started working for people benefits. he used to inspire people to stand on their own feet. He took support of Fast and Shramdaan to make government convince. Later how he came asa Anna Hazare and how he fought with Government for Lokpal BIll, this all things are shown in the film. This film is directed and written by Shashank Udapurkar, Shashank will also be seen plying role of Baburao Hazare.  Tanishaa Mukerji, Govind Namdev, Sharat Saxena, Kishor Kadam, Daya Shankar Pandey, Ankit (Sourabh) Sharma will be seen in Supporting roles. This film is produced by Manindra Jain, Shobhit Kumar., Shekhar Kumar, Uddipt Jain, Aniruddha Gaikar. This film is not able to impress the audience much and is even not doing business at the box office. You may also know : Anna Movie Bollywood Movies 2016