Fan Movie Review 2016 - Shahrukh Khan

Name of the Film Fan
Critics Rating 3.5 Star
Director Maneesh Sharma
Star cast Shahrukh Khan
Genre Thriller
Duration 2 Hours 22 minutes
Date Released 15 April,2016
Shahrukh Khan starrer Fan is released on theatres. Story of the film is based on a Superstar and his fan, his love towards him and his madness. Story : Gaurav Chandana (Shahrukh Khan) says himself as the biggest fan of superstar Aaryan Khanna (Shahrukh Khan) and he runs a cyber cafe in Delhi. In his colony, people call him as junior Aaryan Khanna. In an competition in colony, he acts as Aaryan Khanna, he wins and get 20 thousand as prize, He takes this money and go to Mumbai on Aaryan Khanna's 48th birthday, without ticket. He stays in the same hotel and room, in which Aaryan Khanna stayed. During this he was not able to meet Aaryan Khanna. Twist come in the story when, Gaurav beats a new comer actor Sid Kapoor for Aaryan Khanna, he make him say sorry and shares that video on Facebook. Everyone thought that this video is of Aaryan Khanna, so it becomes issue of discussion in media. When Aaryan gets to know this, he makes Gaurav arrest. From here starts the war between a fan and a superstar. Who wins and who loses, to know this you have to watch the film. Acting : Shahrukh Khan has played both the role amazingly. From Look to accent, everything is appreciable. Other actors have also done their part good. Direction : Direction of the film is great and different locations made the film amazing. However, Cinematography which is filmed in Mumbai, Croatia, London and Delhi is tremendous, for which Manu Anand should be given credit. Screen play is also great. First half of the film is quite slow and Second half is very long. Music : Film's first song Jabra fan, is hit from it's release. However, this song is not shown in the film. This is Shahrukh's songless film. Background score is also ok ok. Should watch or not : Story of the film was looking interesting from the trailer. But second part of the film is long, which story comes from London to Mumbai then Delhi. This could have been shown much better, if you are Shahrukh Khan's Jabra Fan, then see this film.