In Emraan's next book 'Emraansutra', tips of kissing will be there

Emraan Hashmi is famous as serial killer of Bollywood. He is seen kissing heroine in all his films. Now it has been heard that Emraan will write a book, in which he will be seen given kissing tips. Recently, in promotion of Azhar, he told that like Kamasutra, Emraansutra is also about to come, in which he will give kissing tips. Actually, this idea is given by writer Husain Zaidi. Emraan told, 'Zaidi few days back said that I should write a book on my kissing experience. However, nothing is final about this. I have lots of work, have to shoot may films. But I liked this idea. Maybe I get a publisher for this book.' Emraan is said as smooch king of Bollywood. All female co-stars have given Emraan 10/10 in kissing. Actress who have worked with Emraan says that no other actor can kiss, the way he kisses. Emraan says, 'I think, I should take the idea of writing a book on kissing seriously, I don't think anybody would have written the book on this subject.'