Emraan Hashmi to write another book

Emraan Hashmi has started loving writing. Emraan who wrote a book on his son's cancer and his struggle and his personal life 'Kiss Of Life', now is preparing to write one more book. What will be the subject this time. Like his films, he wants to keep this as a suspense. In a conversation, he revealed about his writing excitement. According to Serial kisser, the success of first book has made the writer inside him more strong, so he is using pen to write another book. Emraan says that in his first book 'Kiss Of Life', he has shared everything about my personal life. But this time, I ll write something else. Till not I've not decided that what will be the subject of his next book? Not only this, Emraan is even writing films stories slowly and gradually. he says that. 'Like 5 years ago I never thought that I will write a book, so I'm not thinking about the films stories right now, but if any creative idea comes then will definitely write a story. Emraan last was seen in film 'Azhar', this film was directed by Tony D'Souza, it was flop at the box office. Emraan's career is going down day by day. Emraan upcoming movie is 'Raaz Reboot'. It is a horror film and it is directed by Vikram Bhatt. It is 4th part of Raaz series. Kriti Kharbanda will be seen opposite Emraan in this film. Raaz reboot is releasing on 16th September. You may also know: Raaz Reboot Trailer Raaz Reboot look