#DontLetHerGo : If you will throw garbage then Goddess Laxmi will vanish

#DontLetHerGo is trending on social media since Wednesday. This is not because of controversial statement but this trending because of Swachh Bharat campaign's new ad, in this it tell that if you will throw garbage then Goddess Laxmi will get upset with you. In this ad Kangana Ranaut is in role of Laxmi. Apart from this Isha Koppikar and Ravi Kisan will be there. It is shown in the ad that those peopel who are throwing garbage, Laxmi Ji photo is getting vanished from their house. Yesterday only actress Kangana Ranaut launched this ad. On this Kangana said that she used to be very lazy and she used ot hate bathing. Kangana said, 'I was very lazy and I hated bathing. My parents were tried of me. Hostenly, during that time, nothing happened good to me. I had no friend, did not got any opportunity.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jezSduqsRjs She said, 'I read a lot about the elements and energy and I found out that energy is of three kinds and one of them is cleanliness. This is truth.' Queen actress says that after adopting such tricks, her life got changed. Kangana said, 'I read Vedanta, walked on stops of Swami Vivekanand.' Kanagana said, 'I started with external hygiene. This is an important work. When I started it, think started getting changed. Now I take showers, stay hygienic and keep think in mind that I should not throw garbage. For last 12 years, I never threw any garbage.' In this Pradeep Sarkar directed short film, Isha Koppikar and Omkar Kapoor are also there. Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has given his voice. You May also know : Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List