Director S.S Rajamouli shot 4 climax of Bahubali 2, if incase it gets leak

Director S.S Rajamouli made a film last year 'Bahubali', which will be remembered for years. Every character in the film did lots of hardwork. And even did not left in technical area aswell. So, it's result was clearly seen at the box office with huge earning. Now same is expected from Bahubali 2 and mostly people wants to know that 'Katappa Ne Bahubali ko kyo mara ?' Now this you will get to know when the second part of this series will be released, but it is confirmed that climax this time will be more tremendous. So it don't get leak before it's release, Rajamouli has shot 4 climax for this film. Yes, So now if any climax gets leak, then it will not effect the film. Although, people who are searching their answer from last year that Why Katappa Killed Bahubali, this is known to only three people and that is Actor Prabhas, S.S Rajamouli and Story writer. News is, on the Birthday of Prabhas, Poster of Bahubali 2 will be released. This film is releasing on 28th April 2017. Prabhas gained 150 kgs for this movie and he is the only actor to do so in India. Prabhas daily used to eat  Prabhas daily eats 50 eggs, half kg chicken, Brown rice, Salad and fruits. Gyming daily for 5 hours . It was said that climax of this film will be half n hour and will be more interesting than first part. Audience are now badly waiting for this film to release. You may also know: Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017