Director of 'Parched' is getting Threatening calls from Rabaris community

Director of Recent Released film 'Parched' Leena Yadav is surrounded by a new problem. Rabaris community of Gujarat has criticised few scenes of the film, for which she is been threatened on the phone again and again. Leena Yadav told that her and her Husband Aseem Bajaj, who are the producer of this film, both are getting Threatening calls from two weeks. These calls are coming from different numbers and those who call, don't tell their name. They only say to remove her films from Gujarat Theaters. They say that the way how to stay and eat is shown in the film and film actress are seen as our society women and in same Costumes, by which the wrong perception can be made about the community. We will not tolerate this. Leena says that she has not talked about any Race, religion or community in the film. Name of the village is also kept fictional. The story of the film can be off anywhere. The shooting of the film is done in Rajasthan and Gujarat that's it. Talking about the language, then it has a bit 'Kutch' touch in it. But in the film, one woman is speaking Punjabi. Leena says that 'We are not intended to hurt any nation, state or community. This film is appreciated in the whole world. They have said that they relate to this story. Leena believes that this film cannot be written keeping any state or place. Therefore it should not be the specter off.' Leena these days is trying to communicate with the community, as she could clear her situation in front of them. She told that we have tried to talk to them, but they are not ready. Leena has given its information in Oshiwara Police station. They have made her written a complaint application, on which action will be taken. Ajay Devgan produced film was released on 23 September. You may also know : Parched Trailer Upcoming movies List