Director Mohit Suri and Arjun Kapoor had an ugly argument

Arjun Kapoor is a star kid. So hae has many habits of a star kid. This habit of Arjun is making lots of trouble for 'Half Girlfriend' director Mohit Suri. It is heard that they both had long argument, talks reached fights. First Schedule of Half Girlfriend shooting was done in Delhi. According to the report, During the shooting in Delhi, Mohit was seen angry over Arjun Kapoor. Mohit is worried with daily parties of Arjun and about the retakes given during the shooting. If it would be coming late on sets, then Mohit would have ignored it. But it was linked with Arjun's performance, by which film is also getting effected. So Mohit could not control himself and scolded Arjun. Actually, During Delhi Schedule, Arjun after the shooting, used to parties in 5 star Hotels. These parties of Arjun go till late night. Around 1 Lakhs is spend in such parties. Due to these late nights parties, Arjun reaches the set late. During this his performance also used to go down. When this thing went on for some days, then Mohit spoke to Arjun. This talks went till arguments then to fights. Now the second schedule of this film is going on in Capetown, but argument that happened in Delhi is still fresh. Shraddha Kapoor will be also seen in this film opposite  Arjun Kapoor, this film is based on the novel of Chetan Bhagat. It is romantic film and is expected to release next year. You may also know : Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016