Daisy Shah revealed, why she did film like hate Story 3

Daisy Shah is in news for doing bold scenes in Hate Story 3, but recently in an interview what she said will shock you. You must be feeling that this movie has done good at the box office, with this Daisy Shah will be happy, but this is not the truth. According to Daisy Shah, If she would have some other good offer, then she would have not done this film. She entered in Bollywood with Salman Khan's 'Jai Ho', but she was upset because of not getting any good films offer, so that is why she did film like Hate Story 3. Daisy said, 'If I would have got any good offers then I would have not done Hate Story 3. I was not getting good offers and I was upset with this, for this I did lots of hard work, but now she also feel that, working in Hate Story 3 was a good decision. She said, I tried to something out of my comfort zone. Let me tell you, Hate Story 3 is very near to earn 50 crores. This film was released on 4 December.