Cogress said, Rishi Kapoor wants to please BJP

Congress on Wednesday said that people are targeting 'Gandhi Family', just to make happy Bhartiya Janta Party. Party siad this, when actor Rishi Kapoor question that why country's significant heritage names are kept on Gandhi Family. Congress Spokesperson P. C. Chacko said to the media without taking name of actor, 'some people wanted to please the BJP.' However Chacko said that he has not seen Rishi kapoor's tweet, but it seems that some people are trying to abuse the Congress leadership just to get into the good books of BJP. He said, 'They are trying to make BJP happy, they can do this, but not at the expense of the Congress. We don’t take it seriously and it is not worth any comments at all. Actor said that present government must consider renaming the heritage by those name who have contributed to the society. He question, why Delhi Airport name is kept on Indira Gandhi. He said, 'Why not on Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar or my name. What say.'