Kangana sent a legal notice to the T-series!

As you will rarely hear that someone actress does not want to release his own film. Bollywood actress Kangana Rnot these days are doing something similar like that. Kangana Rnot sent a legal notice to the T-series. She wants them to stop the release of an old movie. Kangana Rnot is brethren of 'I Love NY' Makers. Because film's producer are stagnating to capitalize on the success of that Kangana. And so for this there is no permission taken by Kangana to release her film. - It has now decided to take legal steps by Kangana. A legal notice has sent for T-Series. The company had produced the film. Kangana said to the company to stop the release of film. Kangana's lawyer Rizwan Siddhiki said: "It is very unfortunate that the T-Series decided that the film should be released without my client information. The film was made six years ago by T-Series, which was not built according to the requirement. Now the release of film indicates that the company is now trying to capitalize on the success of my clients. Nor any information is given to my client by the company on behalf to promote the film. " According to sources, "legal notice states that no paid was done for actress on this project. Neither was anykind of agreement. T-Series boss Bhushan Kumar says it has no control over the release of the film. He has already sold the film rights of Wave cinema 18 months ago.