Chotu in Dhanak is Shahrukh Khan's fan, but is wearing Salman Khan lucky bracelet

Nagesh Kukonoor's 'Dhanak' trailer was appreciated a lot and film's character Pari (Hetan Gada) adn Chotu (Krish Chabadia) are subject of issue. Interesting thing is Krish is Shahrukh khan's fan in the film and is on the journey to meet Shahrukh Khan. But in his hand, Salman's bracelet is seen, so now this issue is very interesting ? Director Nagesh tell about this, 'Every brother sister has immense love and some is between Choru and Pari. Now you have to refuse that what is that thing, due to which they fight.' Well Nagesh got save by not tell why is he wearing that Bracelet, now this film will get more publicity because questions are raising in the minds of Bhai fans. Dhana is releasing on 17th June.