My character in Devanshi is not inspired from Raadhe Maa : Karuna Pandey

Soon Colors is bringing a new show made by Sonali Zafar called Devanshi. In the show character of Karuna Pandey is being said that it is inspired from controversial religious lady Radhe Maa but now Karuna is saying something different. Karuna Pandey who has played leading roles in shows like Bhage re Man and Woh Rehne Wali Mahlon Ki is playing Mata Kusum Sundari in the show. Since the show has been announced people have started saying that this character is inspired from Radhe Maa but now Karuna has denied all the rumors about this character. She first of all my character is not inspired from Radhe Ma and not only Radhe Maa from no religious people also. She tried to prove herself as the adherent of Durga Maa. Karuna said that Karuna said that whenever any show comes people started comparing the characters with real life characters. The Durga Maa also wears Red drape so why we can't imagine her. It is also being said that Karuna used to watch Radhe Maa's videos for this character and she wants perfection like Radhe Maa. On this Karuna said I have never met Radhe Maa in my life. However a few years ago some relative of mine advised me to meet Radhe Maa she has all the solutions to every problems. But Karuna says that she never felt any need of meeting with any person like this lady. Devanshi is starting from 3rd October 2016. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017