Farhan Akhtar talked about clash between 'Raees' and 'Sultan'

The producer of Shahrukh Khan's film 'Raees' Farhan Akhtar has expectations that the release of clash with Salman Khan starer film 'Sultan' will not affect on earning of the films. Farhan's production house has produced 'Raees' and the director of the film is Rahul Dholakia. On the same time Aditya Chopra is also making 'Sultan' with Salman Khan and the hopes are that the film will affect the earnings of the film. While asking to Farhan about this clash Farhan said, "We see it, please come to the date. We are releasing the film on Eid, they will release the film at the same time the decision is taken by Salman Khan." When asking him about the affect he said, we hope that nothing will affect for both films. Although Farhan said, this will be amazing to see this kind of clash for audience. Before this Farhan also released 'Don' with Salman's 'Jaan-e-man' but the results gone favor with Farhan's 'Don'.