Censor Board is not Homophobic : Pahlaj Nihalani

Chief of Central Film Certification Board Pahlaj Nihalani says that censor board is not homophobic and that it does not follow any separate guidelines regarding content on same-sex love. A hue and cry were raised over a music video of Sharif D. Rangnekar 'Miss you'. In this two male are shown in love, shown doing love and are also shown fighting, separating and missing each other. CBFC gave this video 'A' certificate, now this is raising the question, is the censor board homophobic? Censor board cut 50 percent kissing scenes of Anushka Sharma in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil On this Nihalani said, 'There is nothing like that'. Nihalani said, 'We have no problem or concern with the gender of two people in love, and also not worried, as long as they conduct themselves within the guidelines that have been provided to us.' It is said that Censor Board used scissors on Hansal Mehta's 'Aligarh' and 'Angry Indian Goddess' of Paan Nalin. But Pehlaj denied this allegation. He said, 'No cuts are made on the basis of the gender of the people involved. We assess films with homosexual content by the same measures as films about heterosexual content.' Three intimate scenes of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ are chopped by Censor Board Nihalani said about this music video, 'We have 'A' certificate and one 1 cut to this music video 'Miss You' 15 days ago. Now, why to make do much fuzz on it? And I think that Filmmakers are making such things to attract the public attention towards it. For getting attention of people towards their work, so blame will not work over Censor Board.' You may also like :- Censor board banned these 14 controversial movies in India Censor board blurred leaked intimate scene between Radhika Apte and Adil Hussain in Parched