Censor Bard has problem on using Anna Hazare's name in the film

Anna Hazare once again is in the news. Not for Political reason, but in Naseeruddin Shah's upcoming film 'Charlie key Chakkar Mein'. Censor Board expressed his problem on this. Censor Board has asked the producers to remove all the points related to Anna in the film. But Producers are not listening. According to Censor Board, Anna can not be used in the film. Film producer Karan Arora says that film deals with drug abuse and homicide among other issues. We had sought an ‘A’ certificate. Karan Arora says that he will go to CFCB and will talk about not to remove Anna Hazare's point in the film. But only a week is left now to release the film. Revising committee has asked to remove some words form the film. Anna Hazare name has also come. The dialogue goes like this ‘Tumko kya zaroorat thi itna sach bolne ki? They don’t understand that we are not insulting him. Censor Board has asked the makers to mute almost 12 words as well as a scene in which a girl snorts drugs. Censor Board has no problem if boys are taking drugs. Karan tell that Anna's name in the film is at that place if we remove it, then film will be affected. Nothing will left if we remove Anna's name. He also said he is ready for his bad days. He will go for A certificate to Censor Board.