Celine Jaitley again busted on Baba Ramdev over his statement on 'Homosexuality'

Celina Jaitley has again targeted Yog Guru Baba Ramdevover his claim on homosexuality comment. Actually, few years back Ramdev said in an statement that Homosexuality is a disease and with the yoga it can be treated. Celina again has targeted him on this. Actually, one website took views of people who are from Indian Homosexual Community over Ramdev's statement. They were asked what if Baba tries to treat then, how will they feel, they all got angry and Celina is again standing with this community against Baba Ramdev. On twitter, she wrote,'The only way I will believe him (with all due respect) is, if he cures me of being "Straight".' Few years back, when Baba gave his statement on Homosexuality then Celina was very angry on him and said that this is not a disease , which Baba will treat it. She said, people should stop peeping inside the bedrooms.