I called my Exes in my wedding but nobody came : Shahid Kapoor

In Koffee With Karan, Shahid Kapoor came with his wife Mira. This episode of Shahid-Mira was amazing. Both talked openly about their Exes and their love story. Shahid and Mira got married in the year 2015. Both had an arranged marriage. Both told that they were confused about each other due to the age difference. Mira that time was on 21 years and Shahid was of 34 years. When they met first they talked over like 7 hours. Shahid told that Mira parents thought that this relation is for Shahid's step brother Ruhan Kapoor. His age is equal to Mira. Shahid also told that he was single for 4 years and used to think that will he ever get any good girl. Mira told that they both met at their cousin's place. Mira did not know that Shahid has come there to see her. She was saying that what kinds of Item number are coming in Bollywood these days. Mira and Shahid at Koffee with Karan Mira told that she loves Shahid a lot and both got to know this when Mira was pregnant. Shahid said that I'm happy that Mira became the mother soon. So we came closer. Mira shared an incident that Shahid was in Spain for IIFA Awards for 3 days and she was calling him and saying come back now. Mira told that Shahid quit smoking for her. Shahid said that he daily says 'I Love You' before going to sleep. Shahid and Mira discussed his ex-relationships on Koffee with Karan Shahid told that he called his few ex GF's to his wedding and but nobody came. Shahid said about Mira's ex-bf that when I meet Mira's friend that I get to know about her ex. Alia Bhatt is the role model of Mira. Mira said that Alia is a role model for today's generation. On another hand, Shahid said that Alia and Priyanka are more disciplined, whereas Kareena and Shraddha are less disciplined. You may also like :- Shahid Kapoor upcoming movies