Box office : Veerappan collection till now by day

Veerappan Box Office Collection - The Ram Gopal Varma directorial film Veerappan has released this Friday and the film is getting good response as seen to the last released movies of Ram Gopal Varma. The film is a story of Veerappan and his hunt mission. This film will tell how Veerappan got famous for his ruthless behavior and lately Indian government decide to take action against him and killed him in an hunt mission lead by police officers. The story of the film revolves around a sandalwood smuggler and bandit Veerappan (Sandeep Bhardwaj) who was famous for his ruthless behavior. In 2004 Indian government runs a operation for Veerappan to hunt him and kill him. A police officer (Sachin Joshi) heads the mission and kills Veerappan. The film has showed some very good sequences between martyr police officer and Veerappan’s wife which makes this operation wonderful. Now the film is getting average response from the audience and the critics so it has to see that word of mouth of the film will work for the film or not. If people will show interest in the film or not, if they will show then the film will surely become hit at the box office as same happened with the Tamil and Telugu versions of the film.

1st ( First ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
27/5/2016 – Friday ( 1st Day Box Office Collection )  1.79 Cr
28/5/2016 – Saturday ( 2nd Day Box Office Collection )  1.96 Cr
29/5/2016 – Sunday ( 3rd Day Box Office Collection )  2.20 Cr
30/5/2016 – Monday ( 4th Day Box Office Collection )
31/5/2016 – Tuesday ( 5th Day Box Office Collection )
1/6/2016 – Wednesday ( 6th Day Box Office Collection )
2/6/2016 – Thursday ( 7th Day Box Office Collection )
Total First Week Collection   5.95 Cr