Box office collection of 'Airlift' Worldwide

Akshay Kumar's Airlift has done tremendous earning. Film has done 110.30 crores earning at the domestic box office and worldwide this film has collected 186.90 crores. This film is Akshay Kumar's forth film to enter the club of 100 crores. Akshay Kumar is very happy with the performance. He said, 'film has got more successful, from how much I expected. This film has also inspired Akshay Kumar to do more reality based films. Akshay told, 'From the results only you get to know about the films. I am very happy with audience response. This has inspired me to do more film like this. There is not much expectation from such films at the box office. He told, 'When you see the stats, I think I should do more film like this. Real stories should come on screens. I hope after this film, many directors and producers will work on such films.' Airlift was released on the eve of Republic Day (26 January), and director Raja Krishna Menon got this film on the screens brilliantly. Airlift is a amazing thriller. When life is in danger then how that person changes and how one hero stands for this problem this is shown in the movie. This movie is based on real story and some scenes will remain in your mind and hearts, like when an Indian sees a India's flag. 26 years ago from today means in 1990 when war happened between Kuwait and Iraq. This film is based on the same story, the way this film came on Silver screens, with this every Indians will feel proud of it. Akshay Kumar did splendid acting in Airlift, he has played role of a Businessman, Husband and owner and the most importantly an Indian. He is living in Kuwait from many years and he make him thinks that Kuwait is his country, then suddenly in one night everything changes. Along with Ranjit Katyal's family, 1 Lakhs 70 Thousand Indian get trapped in Kuwait. Every critics are appreciating Airlift. The most strongest part of the film is it's script. Akshay Kumar has done tremendous work in this film, but not like in his Masala Films. He very smartly plays his character here and this only make his effective.