Bombay High Court delayed the hearing over Udta Punjab

Battle between Bollywood and Censor Board over Udta Punjab has become worst. Chief Pehlaj Nihlani has denied the allegation that scissors are done because Punjab govenment pressurised, whereas Bollywood is supporting the film. ANurag kashyap has filed a petition against Censor Board decision. Hearing has been delayed till Friday. Film producer told High Court that they have got the order copy of revising committee. After seeing this, they will decide weather to challenge it or not. Before that they asked for order copy. They said to the court after getting the copy they want to amend in the petition. Information and Broadcast minister said that process of giving certificate is independent, even court said that Government doesn't play any role. Producer can go Film certification appeal tribunal if they are unsatisfied with the decision of Censor Board. But FCAT decision will be final. Aamir Khan : THis is unfortunate, According to information, this film is based on drug addiction and gives social message to the society, this should be shown.' Kabir Khan : Changing title is not logical, from Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Bhaijaan was asked to remove, Now they are saying to remove Punjab, this is funny. Kapil Sharma : We say that drugs and illegal drug is not available in Punjab, they don't know real pain of Punjab.