Bombay High Court appointed two amicus curiae to watch Jolly LLB 2 before the release

The Bombay High Court has appointed two amicus curiae to watch the film Jolly LLB 2 before its release in the theaters. The amicus curiae will have to tell after watching the flick that is it anywhere destroying the image of the judiciary system and the lawyers. The court said that lawyer R.N. Dorde and V.J. Dixit will watch the flick on Wednesday and will submit the report on Friday. Then the court will hear the further case. The court also has said to the producer to do some arrangements for showing the flick to the lawyers. This is to notice that one lawyer Ajay Kumar Waghmare filed a petition against the film to remove the name LLB from the title and should remove that scene in which the lawyers are playing cards on the court. Akshay talked about Arshad Warsi In the petition, he also has said that in the law of freedom of expression there are some restrictions. According to the petition, the film portrays the image of people related to the judiciary system as the laughable. This is to notice that Jolly LLB 2 is a sequel to 2013 released satirical film Jolly LLB starring Arshad Warsi. The film even won a national award. Censor board passed Jolly LLB 2 with no cuts In that film, it was shown that how the people of judiciary system are taking it lightly and how the judgment gets affects the power and money. Now in the sequel, also the director of the film has tried to raise some serious issue through the satirical way. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club