Bollywood reaction over PM Modi decision on currency note of 500 and 1000

On Tuesday Night, PM Narendra Modi addressed the Nation and said that current currency note of 500 and 1000 will not be valid from the Midnight. This move of PM Narendra Modi is been appreciated by many people. People believe that it is the big attack on those who have black Money. The film world is also appreciating this step of Narendra Modi. Know why Kajol meeting to Narendra Modi South Superstar Rajinikanth has started this step of Narendra Modi. He tweets, 'Hats off Narendra Modi Ji. New India is born. Jai Hind.' Ajay Devgn these days is in news for his film 'Shivaay'. He has told this as the powerful attack of Pm Modi. He said, '100 sonar Ki 1000 Lohar Ki. Masterstroke Narendra Modi.' Amitabh Bachchan has told this new step of Narendra Modi as Pink effect. He tweets, 'The new 2000 rs note is PINK in color. the PINK effect. Let me tell you, Amitabh Bachchan last released film was 'Pink', which got the amazing response at the box office. Priyanka Chopra beats Narendra Modi Whereas Paresh Rawal said that journalist even did not know about this step of PM Modi. Nobody had any clue about this issue that note of 500 and 1000 will be closed. This is a situation like Emergency but is a great step. Sonakshi Sinha tweets, 'America counting votes.India counting notes! On that note - goodnight.' Kamal R Khan tweets, 'I salute PM Narendra Modi for the surgical strike on black money n banning ₹500 n ₹1000 notes from midnight! It's first best work of his govt.'. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017